Bibliophile’s Quest

It’s amazing that it has taken me so long to begin this blog.  I’ve loved books my whole life.  I went to St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so that I could study the Great Books Program.

Since I graduated in 2005, I’ve moved to Los Angeles, back to Santa Fe, Boston, and finally: Austin.  I have lived in Austin for 4 years, but only just got my own apartment last March.  I finally have a space of my own, so I’m going to fill it with books.

This Christmas, I decided to take a week in El Paso to pack up all the books that have sat in boxes, to bring them to my little apartment in Austin, and finally set up my library.  My mom rented a Jeep for me as my Christmas present and I piled in the boxes of books:

boxes o' books
boxes o’ books

Fun facts:

1. Those Starbucks boxes have been with me since I left Santa Fe in 2007.  The very large, silver bags of coffee beans came in those boxes, we called them bullet bags.  Those boxes are the perfect size for moving, you can fill them full of books and still lift them and wrap your arms around them.  I have moved books across the country, up 2 flights of stairs, down 2 flights of stairs, up 2 flights of stairs again, down 2 flights of stairs again, and back across the country again.  I know what I’m talking about.

2. I have at least 3 copies of Jane Eyre.  I mean, when your copy is stuck in a box in El Paso and a new Jane Eyre movie comes out while you’re living in Boston, you have to buy another copy.  I can’t explain the third copy.

So now, after carrying all those books up 2 flights of stairs again (by myself–RAWR), my tiny efficiency apartment is full of boxes of books.  Time to buy some bookshelves.  To be continued…

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